Slow Cookers

The Top 5 Slow Cookers

My family loves a home cook meal, but sometimes I just do not have the time to stand over a hot stove. I don’t want to either. This hatred of cooking is the reason I love my slow cooker. I can set it in the morning, and it will be done when I get home. Just like all technology, slow cookers have some innovative features. The features of the following slow cookers make any purchase worth the money.

Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled WeMo 6-quart Slow Cooker
Have a soccer game that goes into overtime? Do you have to work late? These issues are no longer a problem with your smart device and the free WeMo App. This slow cooker allows you to quickly and easily adjust the slow cooker’s temperature from your phone. You can also adjust cooking time without being in the kitchen. The slow cooker has an easy to clean removable oval stoneware that is dishwasher safe.

West Bend Oval-Shaped Programmable Slow Cooker
When I cook a rack of lamb or ribs, I always have a problem fitting it in the slow cooker. This oblong slow cooker makes it a breeze. This slow cooker has a low, medium, and high setting. It also has a griddle setting to lock in natural juices. I adore the glass lid which makes it easy to check on cooking food. This cooker is easy to clean because the stoneware is removable and it is dishwasher safe.

The Fast Slow Pro Slow Cooker by Breville
I am not an expert cook, but this slow cooker makes it easy. I can steam, saute’, sear, pressure-cook, simmer and slow cook by simply pushing a button. This slow cooker has a variety of safety features including a locking lid and safety valve. With this slow cooker, you have the choice of eleven different cooking options to make the perfect meal.

NFL-Themed Crock Pots
These crock pots are available in your favorite NFL team logo. I bought one for when all the guys come to my house to watch football. I can start dip or little wieners in the morning, and they are ready by game time. It comes with a 16-ounce food warmer and can serve up to seven hungry adults with its 6-quart capacity.

Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker
Cuisinart’s Slow Cooker is perfect for the modern kitchen with its sleek stainless steel exterior. This cooker has a low, medium, high, and simmer setting. When timed cooking is done, this slow cooker will automatically turn on the keep warm mode.

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