Space Shuttle From LEGO Ready For Launch This Year

Nope LEGO hasn’t entered the space race, we are only talking about their latest LEGO set that should go on sale somewhere later in 2017.

Lego recently showcased their newest creation, and with it gave a glimpse at the new LEGO Creator line that will come for about $30 and boast a total of 285 pieces that can be built into a space shuttle as the primary build or two other items. Yes, this too is a 3-in-1 explorer set.

This LEGO Creator set will come with payload doors for the shuttle that keeps inside it a robotic arm that extends and a satellite that it will put in orbit. None of this can be possible without the presence of an astronaut and LEGO therefore bundles a miniature figure of an astronaut along with the creator kit. The astronaut will have his own jetpack too!

This is not LEGO’s first space adventure especially with space shuttles. Back in 2015, they made a Shuttle Kit called Utility. It was much smaller than the current model and it had a complete fin and canopy unit prebuilt. This build however uses bricks for not just the tail but also the nose meaning they can all be used in separate builds.

As for the other two builds possible with this kit, they include a rover that can roam and a complete planetary base that your singular astronaut can make trips to. This kit will be available for sale starting August 1st 2017.