Fried Food

It is just a Fried Food Thing

Fried food, oh so devilishly delicious! Deep frying can make mundane foods into magnificent, tongue pleasing snacks. Of course as with anything, there are a few specific rules to follow, equipment to use, oils to try, and safety guidelines to keep that initial deep frying experience from literally and figuratively, blowing up in your face.

Before we jump into the nitty gritty and how to’s, please remember that grease is hot, flammable, and if handled incorrectly can burn you to the bone. So ensure that any and all equipment is able to be used for deep frying and can be operated correctly while maintaining proper temperature.

The area and equipment should be clean and there should not be an excess of old grease build-up, as it can be unsanitary and flammable. Remember grease fires can not be put out with water. If you’re particularly worried about your deep fryer catching fire, perhaps opt for an Air Fryer ( as these are safer.

Fire extinguishers that have a wet chemical compound work well, as well as baking soda poured onto the fire, and a lid placed over the deep fryer to shut of the oxygon supply. So just be aware and prepared with all necessary safety measures taken to ensure if things get popping, you can hop right on it.

Now, having the right equipment depends on what you are intending to fry. I grew up with my Grandmother using a deep cast iron skillet and a metal pizza pan for a lid. She made to die for fried chicken and homemade french fries, but it also created a substantial mess. So, for my personal fried food fix I use a self contained deep fryer.

I recommend the T-fal, Presto, or Secura brands, but ultimately find one that right for you, that works in the space available and for the items fried. If a fried turkey is on the menu then a fryer that is substantially larger is required, so just do some research and follow your stomach, because the perfect fryer for you is out there.

Having the right oil for the desired outcome is the next consideration when creating the perfect fried food fix. I prefer to use plain old vegetable oil for my fryer, but other options are available for more discerning taste buds.

Remember though, new oil will not give the food that beautiful golden fried coloring, but oil that is old can impart an unappealing and stale flavor to the fried product. It is important to find the perfect balance between new and used oil. Ensuring the oil is at optimal temperature is also essential, slimy oily snacks are not nearly as satisfying as that crisp delightful bite that comes from a properly fried treat.

Fried food is my personal weakness when it comes to snacking, but it has to be done right. So try it out, but be safe, use some common sense, and soon you will be frying up some delicious treats that will tempt even the pickiest of eaters.