5 Must Have Survival Tools That You Might Already Have

Mishaps and accidents can never be predicted but you can sure prepare for them if you know the chances of them happening are high. Be it a hurricane or flood, there are things you can do to better prepare for these situations but then no matter the amount of preparation you make, situations arise where you are left to your wits to survive. Here are five odd but highly effective survival tools that you probably never even realized you had in your possession.

Old Massive Phone Books

Just because there’s a hurricane or flood around and you are smack in the middle of it doesn’t mean your bowel movements stop. When you have to go, you just have to go. But, what if you forgot to stock up on toilet paper? Got those old dusty phone books lying around? That’s what you can use as substitute for toilet paper. The trick is to tear a few pages out, crumple them and then smoothen them out. Do this a few times to soften up the papers and you can use them as toilet paper replacement. Just don’t flush them down as you will definitely clog the plumbing and no plumber is going to come to your aid in a hurricane!

Engine Oil

Keeping a surplus of fuel for the generator is always on top of the to-do list when a calamity is about to strike but engine oil is something that many tend to miss out on. For times when you do miss out on your engine oil and can’t really go out to the nearest store, here’s a quick survival tactic.

Generators use the same engine oil as your lawn mower or car. That’s the hint. All you have to do is siphon out a little engine oil from either of your equipment and use that for your generator. Obviously the lawn mower is easier to remove engine oil from and should be your first target.

Duct Tape

Probably the most useful survival tool, you should never run out of duct tape. Keep a surplus if you must. Did you know that the duct tape was original designed to help keep ammunition boxes free from moisture during the First World War. Soldiers however began using duct tape for various purposes such as patching jeeps and guns.

It is this versatility of duct tape that makes it perfect for emergency situations. Be it bandaging a wound, making a water cup, belt or simply patching up a hole – a duct tape cane help. But, because it is so versatile, it also happens to be the first thing that homes run out of so ensure that you have sufficient duct tape at home.

Aluminum Foil

Yet another vital survival tool to always have in excess. Aluminium foil has an endless array of uses. Did you know that aluminium foils have been around for well over 100 years now? Yes, this recyclable and durable material can be used to preserve food, wrap stuff, make sharper knives, funnels and so much more. You can increase the efficiency of your radiator by simply wrapping a plywood with aluminium foil and placing it behind the radiator. You can even make a scraper tool out of aluminium foil to remove any corrosion or rust that your generator has built up.


Introduced way back in 1953, this lubricant was originally intended to eliminate rust and remove corrosion. If you ever wondered why this lubricant is given the number 40, it is because the 40th version of the exact formula worked the way it was supposed to. Coming to the lubricant itself, there are many ways to use this versatile tool. You can use it to winterize boots, prevent snow from sticking to windows, keep critters and rodents away and even soothe bee stings.

In other awkward uses, police once used WD-40 to help free a naked burglar who got stuck in a AC vent!